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Fort Lauderdale Florida is known as a tourist attraction with something for everyone. What you may not know is that there is much more to this tourist town than beaches and vacations. It is actually a destination that many people are finding to be the perfect place to relocate, to settle down, raise a family or just enjoy retirement life. This is the city where people now want to live thanks in part to the luxurious beaches, favorable climate and opportunities to view sporting events and entertainment not to mention the booming tourism industry that brings in jobs and money to the city. Contact Courtney Silverman today so she can help you find your piece of paradise.


The area where Fort Lauderdale sits today was once home to the Tequesta Indians but once the Spanish came to port, they brought disease and eventually the natives where extinct. The town itself, as it is today, was originally the home of various forts that were built by the US soldiers during the Second Seminole War. The first Major to have his troops build a fort was Major William Lauderdale, which is where the city earned its name. After the war, the troops became entranced with the beauty and the climate of the area and many returned with their families to begin their new lives.


The climate in Fort Lauderdale is the key to the city’s growth. The lowest average temperature in January is about 78 while the highest average temperature in August is 90. No matter what time of year, the climate is always mild and enjoyable making it ideal for both young people who want to enjoy the surf and the water as well as the older generation who need the milder temperatures for their health; as the climate here promotes better health and healing than cooler climates.

Thriving Economy

Fort Lauderdale is a rare breed when it comes to the local economy. While many other communities rely on industrial technologies or electronics or lumber, Fort Lauderdale relies on tourism and yacht manufacturing. In fact, in the year 2012, the city was host to over 12 million visitors with about ¼ of those coming from other countries. These visitors enjoyed things like cruises, yacht tours and baseballs spring training events. In any case, the economy is thriving and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Sports and Parks and Recreation

Children and adults alike enjoy all the sports that the sunshine state has to offer especially the yearly tradition of Major League Baseball Spring Training. Every year, the NY Yankees, Baltimore Oriels and the KC Royals come to Fort Lauderdale for their yearly training before the season begins. During this time, other teams come to town for exhibition games making this a great experience for any baseball lover to preview their favorite team before the season starts. This experience is combined with the vast opportunities offered to residents through the Parks and Recreation Department, allowing you to not only watch the events but also participate in events suited to your experience level. For more information and to see what's going on in town, go to the city's site where you will find links to all city departments as well as the community calendar.

While Fort Lauderdale may seem like a big city with many residents, the area is large meaning that there are many different neighborhoods in and around the town so you may still live in Fort Lauderdale but you may live in a neighborhood that does not have many people. You can choose the neighborhood based on what is available to you; for instance, if you enjoy golfing, there are neighborhoods with one or more golf course or if you want to enjoy the nightlife, then there are neighborhoods where the nightlife is enjoyed. When you relocate to Fort Lauderdale, you open yourself up to a whole new world of enjoyment no matter what you enjoy. Contact Courtney Silverman today to find out what all Fort Lauderdale can offer you.
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